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This site is the official site of the St. John of God Roller Hockey League. Here if you are a player you can view your team standings, practice times, schedules and previous game scores. Those who aren't apart of the league can fill out a form to find out how to sign up

Make up games February 27th thru March 2nd. No practices. in latest news

March 27, 2017


Coaches Meeting Tuesday March 7th at 7:30pm in the church basement.  Meeting is for All Peewee, Junior and Senior Coaches.  All teams must be represented.  We will be discussing Allstar Weekend, Playoff Schedule and Awards Picnic 


Save the Date:  Volunteer Appreciation Party Saturday March 18th from 7 to 11pm at the Hibernian Hall in East Islip.  No Charge, Food, Drinks, DJ and Lots of Fun.  All Coaches, Referees, Team Parents, Clock Operators, Shack Duty and Volunteer Parents  are Welcome to Attend.  No children.


Make up Week will also be February 27th thru March 2nd.  No practices


Tuesday February 28th 5:15pm Panthers vs Sharks Make up 11/25
Tuesday February 28th 6:30pm Flames vs Rangers Make up 10/8
Wednesday March 1st 6:30pm Flyers vs Bruins Make up 1/20
Thursday March 2nd 6:30pm Rangers vs Islanders Make up 1/20
Friday March 10th 6:00pm Bruins vs Sharks Make up 1/14
Friday March 10th 7:30pm Panthers vs Lightning Make up 12/18
Saturday March 11th 2:30pm North Stars vs Rangers Make up 12/17
Saturday March 11th 3:45pm Panthers vs Bruins Make up 12/17
Saturday March 11th 5:00pm Sharks vs Islanders Make up 12/17
Saturday March 11th 6:30pm Flames vs Flyers Make up 12/17
Sunday March 12th 4:30pm Flyers vs Islanders Make up 1/14
Sunday March 12th 6:00pm North Stars vs Kings Make up 12/18
Monday March 13th 5:15pm Lightning vs Panthers Make up 2/12
Monday March 13th 6:30pm Rangers vs Sharks Make 2/12

Junior Make up Schedule

Tuesday February 28th 7:45pm Bruins vs Flyers Make up 12/18
Tuesday March14th 5:15pm Sharks vs Flyers Make up 2/12
Tuesday March 14th 6:30pm Panthers vs B. Hawks Make up 2/12

Senior Make up Schedule

Wednesday March 1st 7:45pm North Stars vs Flyers Make up 1/15
Thursday March 2nd 7:45pm Bruins vs Panthers Make up 1/15
Saturday March 11th 10:15am N. Stars vs Panthers Make up 1/7
Sunday March 12th 11:00am Sharks vs Bruins Make up 1/7
Sunday March 12th 12:15pm North Stars vs Rangers Make up 1/8
Monday March 13th 7:45pm Rangers vs Sharks Make up 2/18
Wednesday March 15th 6:30pm Panthers vs Sharks Make up 2/11
Wednesday March 15th 7:45pm Bruins vs Rangers Make up 2/11
Thursday March 16th 6:30pm Panthers vs Flyers Make up 2/12
Thursday March 16th 7:45pm Rangers vs N. Stars Make up 2/12

Next Team Parent Meeting is March 8th at 7pm in the church basement.

Sweatshirts $25
Hats $20
Car Decals $10
Blankets $25


On December 16th the 18 members of the Central Islip Sports Hall of Fame commitee unanimously voted SJOG Roller Hockey into their Class of 2017. Our league is being recognized as a staple of the Central Islip community for nearly 45 years.  Tens of thousands boys and girls ages 5 thru 17 have gone through our program.  The charitable and community service activities we participate are vital to this recognition.  More details to follow regarding the upcoming festivities and induction ceremony.


Code of Conduct:  Any parent or player displaying abusive behavior towards referees, coaches, players or other parents will not be tolerated.  Players will face suspension or expulsion from the league without further notice