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This site is the official site of the St. John of God Roller Hockey League. Here if you are a player you can view your team standings, practice times, schedules and previous game scores. Those who aren't apart of the league can fill out a form to find out how to sign up

Expect a call from a coach no later than Thursday September 29th advising of your team placement, in latest news

September 26, 2016

Exhibition Games will begin Friday September 30th for peewees and Saturday October 1st for Juniors and Seniors.

Registration for this upcoming season is completed.  If you wish to be added to our waiting list please click on the sign up button above and complete your information


To All Parents and Players:


Welcome to another season of Roller Hockey at St. John of God.  This letter is to help you get started in the new season.  Future updates will come from your coach, team rep. and the bulletin board on the snack shack.  See our website at www.sjoghockey.com


The season starts the weekend of Sept. 24th and 25th with skate sessions for team placements.


SENIORS        Last Name A to K on both Sat. & Sun., Sept. 24th 9am to 10:30am & Sept 25th 11am to Noon

                        Last Name L to Z on both Sat. & Sun., Sept. 24th 10:30am to Noon & Sept 25th Noon to 1pm



JUNIORS        Last Name A to K on both Sat. & Sun., Sept. 24th Noon to 1:30pm & Sept 25th 1pm to 2pm

                        Last Name L to Z on both Sat. & Sun., Sept. 24th 1:30pm to 3pm & Sept 25th 2pm to 3pm



PEEWEES       8 years and older on both Sat. & Sun., Sept. 24th 3pm to 4:30pm & Sept 25th 3pm to 4pm

                        7 years and under on both Sat. & Sun., Sept. 24th 4:30pm to 6pm & Sept 25th 4pm to 5pm

                        Determine ages as of 12/31/16. 


Practice games will begin the weekend of Sept. 30th, Oct 1st and 2nd..   Expect a phone call from your coach by Sept. 29th.   At the practice games you will meet your coach, be given your jersey, schedule and rules for the season.  The regular season begins on Saturday, October 8th for Juniors and Seniors and Friday, October 7th for PeeWees.


Important Notes:

  1. All Court repairs will begin on the weekends of September 10th and 11th, and Sept. 17th and 18th Starting at 10am.  All parents’ HELP is welcome and needed.


  1. Please remember the penalty for fighting is a minimum of 4 games suspension with a mandatory review by the Board of Commissioners.  All Slashing penalties are mandatory 4-minute major penalties.  High Sticking is either 2 or 4 minutes at the referee’s discretion.


  1. A total of  5 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties over the entire season and playoffs will result in a one game suspension.


  1. No Senior games will be played without two referees.  This is a direct order from the Diocesan Insurance.


  1. Garbage on the benches, schoolyard and the street should and must be cleaned up.  Please use the garbage cans.


  1. No double parking or dropping players off at the gate.   Obey all street parking signs and fire hydrants.  This is a public street and two lanes of traffic must be able to pass.


  1. Try to be on time!  Any player arriving after the prayer, which starts the game, may be benched for the first period at the coach’s discretion.  Please call your coach or the shack phone # 232-3269 if you are running late.


  1. PeeWee Division plays a two and a half minute timed shift.


  1. All players must wear the jersey that was issued to them for their game.  Jerseys will be collected at the end of the season.  You may be charged for undue loss or damage.


  1. Mandatory Equipment:

* Hockey Gloves           * Elbow Pads                * Protective Cup           * Shin Guards

* Roller Skates * Shoulder Pads            * Stick with Butt End

* Helmet with Full Face Mask & Chin Strap (NO Myleck helmets)


* If a player chooses to wear a nylon biscuit a fully padded girdle must be worn underneath  



Code of Conduct:  Any parent or player displaying abusive behavior towards referees, coaches, players or other parents will not be tolerated.  Players will face suspension or expulsion from the league without further notice